Aptown Residences in Baguio City.

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

If you are looking for a property investment that you can resell in the future or even let it be rented out for a passive income generating property without shelling out a large sum of money, then this is also for you.

Preselling Condominium

Sure return of investment: Are you a young professional that has extra money and want to invest? Make your money work for you! As the trend goes when it comes to preselling condominium properties, the price during its preselling stage is much lower than the price when the project is already done. In that idea alone, once you choose to get a unit during the preselling stage, you are sure that you will gain when the price increases. But why stop there? Right? When the project has been delivered, you can opt to sell it and get you return of equity (IN FULL CASH) or have it rented out in a monthly or daily basis and earn as low as Php 19,000 per month or as high as Php 60,000 per month (3k per day) if rented out on a daily basis!

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