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Acerprime is soaring high. In the last seven years since it has set foot in Baguio City, the company has acquired and completed projects having a total of close to five hundred million pesos (500M) around the city and is expected to reach two billion (2B) bench mark by 2021.


The year was 2011 when the company started with a humble beginning. Acerprime acquired two (2) residential projects in Camp 7, Baguio City and gradually increased its projects to twelve (12) more in a one year span and later, was doubled the following year. As of 2015, the company has a total of fifty-two completed and on-going projects of various types in different locations– and this is due to strong demand of real estate development and the unparalleled commitment of the Acerprime Team to its clientele when it comes to quality and hitting target completion dates.


It is June 2015 when the team finally decided to formalize the registration of the company and was named Acerprime Builders Co as a partnership. It is composed mainly of its General Manager and founder Mr. Christopher Brian C. Yu, Managing Partners and co-founders Eng’r. Kimberly Marie K. Sinense and Arch. Vicente F. Raguirag Jr.  Mr. Christopher Yu first saw the potential of real estate business in Baguio City when he was offered by a local developer to try finance and construct residential projects under the name of his Manila based Company, Techbroker Inc. Along  the way, Ms. Sinense and Mr. Raguirag joined him to complete the partnership now known as Acerprime Builders Co.


It is also June 2015 when Acerprime won a bidding and awarded a contract amounting close to 150M by a local superstar real estate developer – Goshenland Capital Inc., a 96-unit midrise condominium that catapulted the growth of the company in terms of magnitude of project. It has also boosted the confidence of the Acerprime team in terms of management and quality outputs that resulted to a negotiated project – a 72-unit midrise condominium which is close to an amount of 110M.


Starting from 15 staff and manpower 7 years ago, Acerprime work force today reaches up to 300 plus staff and manpower at its peak period as general contractor, aside from backing of 100 plus manpower from its specialty contractors in the locality.


Although young and developing, Acerprime is equipped with quality experiences and trainings that is ready to level up and accommodate more projects that will be set in the table. The support of the management team and its local consultants who are familiar to the business makes the Acerprime Builders Co a promising company to look forward to.


This 2018 is very promising to the company for it has entered to realty development. Acerprime acquired properties that have the potential for condominium development – the APnorth Residences in Camp 7 and APtown Residences in Laubach. To back it up, Acerprime has acquired the service of a long time local marketing firm Villa Preciosa Realty as the marketing arm. Added to the list of incoming projects are the Central Apartment 5 (a continuation of the recently completed Central Apartment 3 and 4 in Quisumbing) and the Greenfields owned by Goshenland. These combined projects are estimated to reach 2 billion pesos.

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